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Heal Love Live

9-Week Personal Development Coaching Program

Image by Jen Theodore

Whether you want to move beyond emotionally wounding experiences, break free from self-sabotaging habits, or learn to love yourself more, the Heal • Love • Live Coaching Program is for you! This program provides the tools, resources, and support you need to create the life you desire and deserve.

This life-changing program provides one-on-one personal development coaching to help you navigate and heal emotional wounds, love earnestly, and live a life of radical freedom. During each session, you will be supported and empowered to create a more meaningful life by embracing emotional stability, self-love, and personal transformation. You explore the behaviors holding you back and discover techniques to help you move forward in a positive, healthier direction. Through this customized and transformational journey, you will gain clarity, peace of mind, and new ways of joy in your life.



Are You Ready to Thrive in Life?

Is Coaching for You?


  • I want more success and balance in my life. 

  • I am willing to be honest in communication, open to feedback and assistance, and have the time and energy to participate in coaching sessions.

  • I want a better relationship with myself.

  • I want to feel and express my emotions in a healthier manner.

  • I want to set healthy boundaries and implement self-care.

Please Note:

If you are experiencing depression, panic attacks, or other mental health concerns seeking counseling

might be more beneficial for you at this moment.

What Clients Are Saying

I was devastated, depressed, and lost. But God, allowed me to cross paths with Chanté. Not only did her coaching revive me, but she also gave me hope. The words written in her book were an additional layer of motivation and anticipation for what God would do in my life following such a dramatically unhealthy life-changing experience. I will forever be grateful to God for this amazing woman. She proves that while the experience we go through may not be pleasant or ideal, God uses everything to get the glory!

- Client

As a participant of the online sessions, I was inspired to move forward in my process of healing. In these sessions, I felt safe to open up and share my experiences. I would highly recommend Chanté Dent.

- C.G.

"I decided to finally try tackle some personal issues. I realized that it wasn’t something that I could easily be done alone. Chanté Dent was recommended by a relative. She showed me empathy. In addition, she had the skills and experience. As a result, I was able to trust her with my emotions.

- K.G.


Are You Ready to Thrive in Life?

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