Meet Chanté

Sexual Assault Advocate Personal Development Mentor

Chanté Dent is the founder of Earnest Love, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping women heal from emotional trauma. She is a former Rape Crisis Counselor who received her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from California State University, East Bay. She currently volunteers as a member of the RAINN (Rape, Incest & Abuse National Network) Speakers Bureau and is a member of GNESA (Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault). Chanté also volunteers her time to support birth mothers during and after the adoption process.

Since 2007,  Chanté has devoted herself to helping victims of sexual assault survive and thrive in life. When Chanté helps others recover and discover themselves after sexual trauma, she expresses amplified empathy and compassion because she has lived it. As a young girl, Chanté was sexually abused by two cousins, and during adulthood, she experienced acquaintance rape, which resulted in pregnancy.  Chanté passionately helps others heal emotionally, love earnestly, and live free from the emotional wounds of sexual assault because she knows that healing is possible!

The Aftermath of Sexual Trauma

YouTube Series

The purpose of "The Aftermath of Sexual Trauma" is to educate and offer hope to individuals who have been affected by any form of sexual assault. Chanté Dent shares information from her healing journey and provides additional resources that will help you and your loved ones better understand the aftermath of sexual trauma. Subscribe today for encouragement and inspiration along your healing journey.