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Since 2007, I have had the privilege of helping numerous individuals experience emotional healing. In addition to coaching individuals to live emotionally healthy lives, I'm a trained Rape Crisis Counselor and a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety Workshop Facilitator. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, I specialize in helping women thrive in every area of their lives; I combine Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology elements to empower my clients. When I help individuals discover their best selves and enrich their lives, the support is rooted in empathy and compassion - I've been there. Eventually, I decided to bring balance into my life, which involved healing emotionally and loving earnestly, which led to a lifestyle of living freely from anything that hindered my life from prospering. This decision was so empowering that I am compelled to inspire others to do the same.


Chanté Dent



Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to inquire. I'm a California native and now a Georgia Peach. I love life and especially love spending time with my husband of 17 years, our kids, family vacations, and being outdoors with nature!

2023 CPEC Certification Badge 2 (CaPP In

"I have spent years coaching others as a career coach, but I didn’t realize how much I needed coaching myself! Chanté helped me to realize the issue was more internal than external. She helped me to realize that my negative self-talk was causing me to really doubt myself and what I could accomplish. I discovered I had created more of my own insecurities than I ever realized. Our conversations led to me reading different books on self-worth and confidence with a strong focus on positive self-talk. I have been able to really see myself in a different way and work through believing in who I am and what I can accomplish. I would highly recommend Chanté as a coach for others. She has a natural gift to encourage others, create a safe and welcoming environment, and enable people to see their full potential."


"I decided to finally try tackle some personal issues. I realized that it wasn’t something that could easily be done alone. Chanté Dent was recommended by a relative. She showed me empathy. In addition, she had the skills and experience. As a result, I was able to trust her with my emotions."


"As a participant of the online sessions, I was inspired to move forward in my process of healing. In these sessions, I felt safe to open up and share my experiences. I would highly recommend Chanté Dent."


"I immediately felt comfortable with Chanté. From start to finish, our sessions were informative. I feel like I was talking to a friend. When sharing intimate details, there was no judgment, only a listening ear. Chanté was able to customize and walk me through solutions and goals that were easily attainable without pressure or stress. After the sessions, I continued to self-reflect and implement the skills learned, leaving me feeling accomplished and empowered. I would highly recommend Chanté. She is patient and easy to talk to. I feel her goal was to genuinely assist me in moving beyond anything that was in the way of living a successful life. These are skills I will use now and in the future."


"I was devastated, depressed, and lost. But God allowed me to cross paths with Chanté. Not only did her coaching revive me, but she also gave me hope. The words written in her book were an additional layer of motivation and anticipation for what God would do in my life following such a dramatically unhealthy life-changing experience. I will forever be grateful to God for this amazing woman. She proves that while the experience we go through may not be pleasant or ideal, God uses everything to get the glory."


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