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Heal Love Live

3 Practical Steps to Restoring Emotional Stability

Although we respond to emotional wounds differently, our goal should be to respond to emotionally wounding experiences healthily. Healing emotional wounds is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The truth is, when you are emotionally healthy, you truly can enjoy a healthy relationship with yourself and with others. You can positively influence those who are watching because they are watching.


Your time to heal emotionally, love earnestly, and live freely has come, and you can begin today by acknowledging the pain, processing the aftermath, and living your life free from the residue of emotional wounds.

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"During the beginning stages of my healing process from rape, I realized I had been wearing a mask, not dealing with the painful aftermath of sexual trauma. In my book, My Lemonade Recipe: Turning Life's Sour Experiences Into Something Sweet, I recount my incredible healing journey."

- Chanté Dent

My Lemonade Recipe:

Turning Life's Experiences Into Something Sweet

In My Lemonade Recipe: Turning Life's Sour Experiences Into Something Sweet, I share my story of pain, forgiveness, and love. The journey was not easy. It consists of layers of healing, including the deeply buried emotional wounds of sexual violation and pregnancy that followed. I discovered that relying on God's strength rather than my own was the best option if I wanted to heal emotionally. His unconditional love for me enabled me to be triumphant after the trauma. In this book, you will find strength and inspiration. You will also be encouraged to start your Lemonade Recipe. If you are ready to live a life free from emotional wounds, this book is for you!

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Amazon Reviews

"This book brings understanding. This book is small but powerfully packed with truth and personal experience. Can I just say this is a good book? If you are a survivor of sexual childhood abuse, this book will challenge you to greater healing and assist you in understanding more about your experience, and offer hope. You may recognize the similarity of your own personal injury. There is a great benefit in realizing you are not alone in your trial. If you are a close personal friend or family member, this will help to bring perception and awareness to a little of the mystery of what victims of childhood sexual assault endure during the period of assault and how it can follow some into adulthood. Again, though small, it is filled with powerfully packed words that describe the author’s personal experience minus all the usual fluff. What you will find missing here is the extra verbiage that authors’ will sometimes use to pad their writing. This is a straightforward account. What I love is that the author’s spirituality flows from the pages, and The Holy Spirit’s ministry delightfully jumps into the reader’s consciousness. I highly recommend that you read this book, especially if you have been sexually abused as a child."


"Healing for survivors of sexual abuse...As someone that has been in the anti-rape movement since 2003, this book offers a vivid account of the real emotional struggles that survivors of rape and incest undergo. It is not easy to heal after sexual abuse, but the author offers a spiritual tool that survivors can use to heal in a positive form from this doleful experience. The biggest challenge that all survivors face after abuse is to heal from it in a form that causes no harm to themselves nor their loved ones. My Lemonade Recipe provides survivors with the positive tools they need to cope and heal from sexual violence."

Kristyn Molina

"The author is very transparent and poignant in sharing her story. My Lemonade Recipe: Turning Life's Sour Experiences Into Something Sweet is a powerful testimony of the power of forgiveness in overcoming pain and emotional hurts. This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to be set free from a traumatic past."

Raymond H. Bandy

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